Organization And Productivity The Art Of Delegating For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face great barriers when it comes to delegate part of his duties. Learn how to master the art of delegating. You can achieve greater organization and productivity, reducing their stress levels and increasing their welfare. You want to delegate but you can’t? One of the great difficulties we face lone entrepreneurs is to learn to delegate. Many times we think we want to delegate but at the end we find a thousand reasons for not doing so. It seems that everything indicates that delegate is mission impossible.

Some examples to illustrate this: – I want to delegate but can not find the right person – I want to delegate but I can not afford it – I want to delegate but I don’t have time to train the person – I want to delegate but I don’t know where to begin or how it could list countless situations that seem to compel us to continue doing everything alone. We, the lone entrepreneurs Stoics! Then? How and what to do? The first step will be to understand if delegate adds value or not. Quantifying this can actually validate that investment (in time or) money) worth. And I emphasize the word penalty because lone entrepreneurs, in fact, we love being in everything! He begins reflecting sincerely if you actually choose to delegate. For this, makes the following brief exercise: complete the following sentences:-if I had more free time would devote a – take Me much time performing – I don’t like having to make the process of delegation. To illustrate the process of delegation, following present example my situation like lender of services: as a virtual assistant I am accustomed to guide – or collaborate with – my clients in the delegation process. Normally, like all good entrepreneurs solitary, aren’t people accustomed to delegating. And here is where the professional virtual assistants add value: we shall assume this process, guiding our clients and showing them that way to use our services. In my case, usually during the first meetings with my clients, we list all the tasks that performs together.