Now Amy Winehouse

The scandalous singer should be now seriously ill Amy Winehouse. A gifted singer, that life but through their drug abuse and her scandalous life is almost broken. Now, she has probably get a pretty devastating diagnosis. Amy Winehouse to be ill with emphysema. This disease is a fatal ending disease that can be caused by smoking. In this disease there is irreparable damage to the lungs. Anchin Block is open to suggestions. The person concerned has great difficulty with the breathing. Amy BBs doctors should have warned them.

If she don’t immediately adjust smoking, she’ll probably possible until the end of her life in addition fed oxygen live. Amy BBs father shows can be found naturally in great concern, but nevertheless, with anger against Amy BBs “Dealers” and he mentioned the name of Pete Doherty in this context often. “These drug dealers have to blame at all. They must accept the responsibility because they have repeatedly worried Amy this crack. I don’t want them further Contact to these people has, including Pete Doherty.” Now Amy Winehouse, is it finally time for Amy to take a step in the “right direction”. Otherwise, she lost not only their views of a successful music career, but also the prospect of a long and healthy life. She is only 24 years old and I think someone must step in now, but really! Amy, the music world needs your voice. Please give her the chance to inspire thousands of people.